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Fall Meeting - October 23, 2004:

On Saturday, 23 October 2004 the National Marine Corps Council meeting was held at the Marine Corps Association Headquarters Building in Quantico, VA. A list of attendees is provided below.

Lieutenant General Maloney, the NMCC Chairman, opened the meeting at 0855 with the Pledge of Allegiance. After welcoming all attendees, General Maloney introduced the guest speaker, Sergeant Major Frederico Perez, Jr. the Personnel Management Division, Sergeant Major. Sergeant Major Perez provided an extremely informative update on the personnel issues facing our Corps during the Global War on Terrorism to include up tempo, promotions, deployments and overall morale. His presentation was well received by the council members. The Question and Answer period ended at approximately 0945.

After a short break, Lieutenant General Maloney introduced Brigadier General Margaret Brewer, USMC (Ret). General Brewer provided a brief overview of the Standing Rules and asked prior to a vote if there were any questions. General Maloney also reminded the attendees that they were also voting on the slate of officers for 2005. He reviewed the Executive Committee nominations: for Chairman, Colonel Jerry Brown; for Vice Chairman, Brigadier General Margaret Brewer, USMC (Ret); for Executive Chairman, Colonel Walt Davis, USMC (Ret); for Secretary, Michael Blum; and for Executive Committee, LtCol Mike Kessler, USMC (Ret), Fred Lash, and Sam Saxton. After a question on ascertaining a quorum, and some comments, a motion was made and seconded to bring approval of the Standing Rules. The vote was unanimous for approval of the Standing Rules and the slate of officers. A short break was called at 1000.

At 1015 General Maloney introduced Lieutenant General Greg Newbold and Rene Bardorf from the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. General Newbold provided some background information on the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and asked Rene to speak. Rene is the Vice President and one of the founding members of this 501©(3) foundation. The primary purpose of the fund is to help the families of injured Marines.  Many of the Marines currently in our military hospitals have sustained long-term injuries that require extensive recovery time and thus extensive hospitalization and even rehabilitation.  While our Marines are undergoing treatment, their families are forced to shoulder the burden of frequent trips to the hospital, travel expenses, childcare and food and lodging at the military hospital.  Many of these families are in need of financial help.  Rene provided some personal stories to illustrate the need for this organization and asked the Council Members to pass the word about what they were doing to the individual members of the council organizations and remember the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund for donations and contributions.

At 1055 Michael A. Blum, former National Judge Advocate of the Marine Corps League and currently the Executive Director for the Marine Corps League, provided some information on the League’s efforts at USNH Bethesda and Walter Reed Army Hospital.  Michael stated up front that he felt the Marine Corps League’s efforts were complimentary to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and not in competition.  The program is called “Marines Helping Marines” and was started by the local Maryland Detachment of the MCL.  The program has evolved from providing emotional support to wounded Marines to material support in the form of “health and comfort” items beyond the capacity of the hospital to provide.  The League also provides some financial support to the visiting families like taxi vouchers, meal vouchers, and prepaid phone cards.  A highlight is the weekly ward “pizza” party sponsored by the League for all Marines and their families.  Michael indicated that funding for this program had come from local MCL members, the local league Auxiliary and a donation from the New England Division.  Michael asked that the Council Members consider the Marines Helping Marines program when making a donation.

At 1115 General Maloney introduced Mr. Robert Nilson the Human Resources Management Division from Turner Construction Company.  Mr. Nilson wanted the Council Members to know that Turner Construction Company was establishing a program for wounded veterans.  This program was designed to offer a wounded person a career opportunity with Turner Construction after they have completed rehabilitation and their service obligation.  The title of the program was DSMSS and to call Mr. Nilson at phone number _____________.
The next briefing was provided by Colonel Lake, Head of the USMC Marine For Life Program.  Colonel Lake provided an update on the growth of the program and challenges facing the program.  He asked that the Council consider how they could help the Marine For Life Program and determine the way ahead at the next meeting.  (This is an agenda topic for the next meeting.)

At 1145 Susan Hodges from Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.  Susan talked for 10 minutes and provided an extensive update on progress on the construction of the National Museum.  She also told the Council that the President had signed legislation authorizing release of a special commemorative coin celebrating the 230th Birthday of the Marine Corps.  Ten dollars of the thirty-seven dollar coin sales price will be earmarked for construction costs.  Information on how to buy the coin will be made available soon.  Susan also indicated that the official grand opening of the Museum is still scheduled for November 2006.

At 1155 Colonel Jerry Brown asked for support for a fellow Marine, Colonel Jim Bracken, USMC (Ret).  Jim is asking for donations for memorial in honor of his classmate at Saint Michels College in Burlington, Vermont, Don G. Cook.  Don received the Medal of Honor in Vietnam and a facial relief with plaque designating all groups that contributed will be placed on the Saint Michels campus.  The Marine Corps League and Scholarship Foundation along with the Marine Corps Expo have made the initial contributions.  Call Jerry Brown for information on how to contribute.

At 1200 Colonel Warren Wiedhan talked about planned activities for the World War II Veterans Group during 2005.  He provided information and asked that the Council Members consider taking part in the 60th Anniversary functions.

General Maloney introduced Colonel Jerry Brown.  Jerry thanked General Maloney for this service during the past two years.  The meeting adjourned at 1205.

Very Respectfully,
William R. Maloney
Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)

1st Marine Division Association Mr. Christopher Wright
2nd Marine Division Association Mr. William Rogal
4th Marine Division Association 1stSgt Herb Newman, USMC (Ret)
China Marine Association

Maj William Sager, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Gregory Cizek, USMC (Ret)

1st Marine Aircraft Wing Association Mr. Phil Beckerich
Mr. G. Chaconas
Heritage 2000 Foundation MajGen R. K. Nelson, USMC (Ret)
Marine For Life Col William Lake, USMC
Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation Col Lou Piantadosi, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Association Col Walt Davis, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Aviation Association CWO4 Jim Casey, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association Mr. Fred Lash
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Mrs. Susan Hodges
Marine Corps League Mr. Michael Blum
Marine Corps Motor Transport Association Maj H. D. Barratt, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Mustang Association Maj Timothy Murphy, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Mr. Alan Hammer
Marine Corps Tankers Association LtCol Joe Hennegan, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps University Foundation LtCol John Hales, USMC (Ret)
Marine Executive Association Mr. George Hofmann
Marines' Memorial Association Col Walt Davis (rep. MajGen Myatt)
Montford Point Marine Association Mr. Sam Saxton
Association of Survivors of WWII Mr. Francis DeLeo
The Chosin Few Col Warren Wiedhahn, USMC (Ret)
3rd Marine Division Association

Col Jerry Brown, USMC (Ret)
MGySgt Jim Kyser, USMC (Ret)
Mr. Bill Ervin

USMC Korea 2000 Foundation LtGen William Maloney, USMC (Ret)
Women Marines Association BGen Margaret Brewer, USMC (Ret)
Disabled Marine Support System Mr. Robert Nilson
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

LtGen G. S. Newbold, USMC (Ret)
Ms. Rene Bardorf

  Cy O'Brien


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