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Fall Meeting - October 20, 2007:

The National Marine Corps Council met on Saturday, October 20, 2007, for the Fall Meeting.  The Council convened at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Mr. Mike Blum, Chairman, called the Meeting to order at 8:40 a.m.  He led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance, welcomed and thanked the Members for their attendance.  He also thanked and introduced Ms. Lin Ezell the Director of the National Museum of the Marine Corps for hosting the Meeting. 

Ms. Ezell greeted everyone and welcomed them to their Museum.  She then summarized the Museum’s history, attendance to date, and addressed some initiatives that are being discussed, considered, and acted upon.  The Museum has attracted many more visitors than initially anticipated, which is very good news and promising as Phase II continues to progress.  She encouraged the Members to visit as often as they liked.

Mr. Blum introduced Brigadier General Ronald J. Johnson, USMC – Director, Operations Division, Plans, Policies, and Operations Department at HQMC and General James T. Conway’s representative for the Meeting.  General Johnson provided an operational update of the Marine Corps activities across the world; focusing on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the current initiatives with regard to the war on terrorism.  (See Slides Below) General Johnson also answered several questions from the Council.

Dr. Charles Neimeyer, Director Marine Corps History Division, Marine Corps University provided a briefing on the History Division and the many changes that have taken place since the History and Museums Division was separated into two distinct and separate entities and placed under the cognizance of the President, Marine Corps University.  Previously, the History and Museums Division was under the direct oversight of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. (See Slides Below)

Colonel Gregory Boyle, USMC, Commanding Officer, Wounded Warrior Regiment (Headquartered here at Quantico) briefed the Council on the developments within the Regiment and its two Battalions, one located at Camp Lejeune and the other at Camp Pendleton.  The active outreach of the Regiment and the Battalions in support of the continuing care for the wounded, ill, and injured Marines and Sailors is noteworthy and surely separates the Marine Corps from the other services.  The overall program is comprehensive, aggressive, and a true example of leadership throughout the Corps.  (See Slides Below)

Mr. Blum thanked each of the presenters. 

He drew the Council’s attention to a Survey that was included in the members’ packets of information and asked if the members would take some time to complete them before the end of the Meeting.  (See Survey Below)

He then introduced the Commandant’s Birthday Message Video.

Mr. Blum then invited comments for The Good of the Order
He mentioned the Veterans’ Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery hosted by the Marine Corps League.  He extended an invitation to, and encouraged attendance, of as many Council Members and their Organizations as possible. 
There were no additional items mentioned.

Mr. Blum addressed Old Business.
            Three new organizations were present and each offered a brief introduction to their organizations and reasons for requesting membership to the Council.
            Fleet Marine Force Association, represented by Jim Hensley, from Fort Worth, Texas, is not chartered at the moment; therefore, a vote on their membership is being delayed until their charter is approved and forwarded to the Council’s Executive Committee for review.  A likely vote will take place at the Spring Council Meeting.
            The Marine Embassy Guard Association, represented by Gene Frantz from Reston, Virginia, is chartered and meets the criteria as set forth in the Council’s Standing Rules.  As this was their first meeting, the Council will vote on the Association’s membership at the Spring meeting.
            The United States Seagoing Marines Association was represented by Maj Ken Gardner, USMC (Ret), from Alexandria, Va. The Association meets the requirements for membership and it was unanimously approved for membership.
            Ms. Susan Hodges provided a brief overview of the progress the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is making with regard to several initiatives in conjunction with the National Museum of the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Heritage Center.  General James L. Jones, the 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps, has assumed the Chairman’s position from Lieutenant General Paul K. Van Riper.  They have received a $5M pledge for the Memorial Chapel on the grounds of the Museum / Heritage Center.
            Mr. Blum reminded the Council of the Spring Meeting when three individuals were nominated for positions on Council; namely, Colonel Walt Ford as Executive Chairman, Lieutenant Colonel John Hales as Secretary, and Ms. Susan Hodges as an Executive Committee Member.  He further asked if there were any additional nominees or discussion.  There was none.  He put forth the slate of three and the slate was unanimously approved for continuing service for three-year terms.

Mr. Blum addressed New Business.
            He asked if there were any items for discussion; there were none.
            He then reminded the Council that usually the Spring Meeting is held on the third Saturday of April.  This coming year, the third Saturday is the start of Passover and he asked if there were any objections to holding the Spring Meeting on April 19th or did the Council wish to postpone it to April 26th.  The Council agreed to stay with the normal schedule.  Therefore, the Spring Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 19, 2008.  (There was some discussion as to the location of the Meetings; the Executive Committee will discuss this, however, meetings will likely continue to be held in the Quantico area.  Cost associated with finding appropriate space for the meetings is the major consideration. Currently, the Council does not pay for a meeting area.)

            Mr. Blum asked members who had completed the before mentioned Survey to turn them in. If more time is needed, please return the surveys to the Executive Committee (Attention: Catalina Rivera, Marine Corps Association, PO Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134 or email attachment: in the next several days.

The Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

Very Respectfully,
Mike A. Blum

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BGen Johnson's PowerPoint Brief (PowerPoint File approx. 12.6 MB)
New Recruiting Video (Windows Media File approx. 3.68 MB)
Iraq Update Video (Windows Media File aaprox. 13.7 MB)
Dr. Niemeyer's History Division Brief (PowerPoint File approx. 655 KB)
Col Boyle's Wounded Warrior Brief (PowerPoint File approx. 524 KB)
Commandant's Birthday Video Message (Windows Media File approx. 53.2 MB)
Commandant's Birthday Message (Adobe File approx. 830 KB)
NMCC Survey (Word File approx. 36 KB)
Fall Meeting Minutes (Word File appox. 68 KB)
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(Please note that this Agenda is subject to change)

Point of Contact
0815-0830 Check-in Mrs. Catalina Rivera


Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome

Mr. Mike Blum


Welcome from Museum Director

Lin Ezell


Commandant’s Update by Marine Corps Representative

BGen Ron Johnson, USMC
(click for bio)
Director, Operations Division





Current Operations Update

BGen Ron Johnson, USMC
(click for bio)
Director, Operations Division


Historical Division, MCU Update

Dr. Charles Neimeyer


Wounded Warrior Regiment Update

Col Greg Boyle, USMC





Showing of CMC's Birthday Message Video

Mrs. Catalina Rivera


Old Business: Organizations’ Attendance Update and Actions Taken
New Member Interest



New Business: Update of Current Developments



Meeting Adjourned


Who Attended
2nd Marine Division Association Col Peter Grimes, USMC
3rd Marine Division Association MGySgt Jim Kyser USMC(Ret)
4th Marine Division Association of WWII 1stSgt Herb Newman, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Association

Col Walt Ford, USMC (Ret)

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Mrs. Susan Hodges

Marine Corps League Mr. Mike Blum
USMC Motor Transport Association Maj Henry Barratt, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Mustang Association Ernest Johnson
Marine Corps Tankers Association

Col Conwill "Casey" Casey, USMC (Ret)
LtCol Joe Hennegan, USMC (Ret)

Marine Corps University Foundation LtCol John Hales, USMC (Ret)
Marine Executive Association MGySgt Vonzell Mattocks, USMC (Ret)
Marines' Memorial Association

Col Walt Ford, USMC (Ret)

The Chosin Few

Col Warren Wiedhahn, USMC (Ret)
Charles Pearson

U.S. Marine Raiders Association Ken O'Donnell
Women Marines Association

Ms. Lori Cousins

Young Marines of the Marine Corps League LtCol Mike Kessler, USMC (Ret)
Joseph Bles
U.S. Seagoing Marines Maj Kenneth Gardner, USMC (Ret)
Marine Embassy Guard Association Gene Frantz
Fleet Marine Force Association James Hensley
Wounded Warrior Regiment Col Greg Boyle, USMC (SPEAKER)
PP&O BGen Ron Johnson, USMC (SPEAKER)
History Division Dr. Charles Niemeyer (SPEAKER)

Who Was Unable to Attend, But Maintained Contact
Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Assoc.

Maj Fred Lash, USMC (Ret)

Marine Corps Aviation Association CWO4 Jim Casey, USMC (Ret)
USMC Drill Instructors Association MSgt Vic Ditchkoff, USMC (Ret)
MGySgt John Smedley, USMC
Marine Corps League Paul Hastings
1st Marine Division Association Mr. Frank Lindstrom
Marine Corps Association

Col Walt Davis, USMC (Ret)
MajGen Les Palm, USMC (Ret)

1st Marine Division Association Mr. Frank Lindstrom
1st Marine Aircraft Wing Association
(Vietnam Service)
Mr. Phil Beckerich III


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